Nikolay Zasipkin

The artist Nikolay Zasypkin (1921 - 1989) was born in Tyumen – a small town situated in Southern Ural Mountains .

In 1941 he was mobilised, during the Second World War he was in army in the Far East . In 1947 he had came back home, finished Sverdlovsk Art College - the well-known Ural educational institution known for the fine and strict academic preparation of students.

In the opinion of associates Zasypkin was an embodiment of an axiomatic image of the Artist of a XIX-th century. There was a grand piano in his studio, because Zasypkin often played music. He loved the classical literature, compositions by Petrarch, Machiavelli, Voltaire. A lot of time Zasipkin devoted to an open-air, considering the nature to the best of everything that exists. «This world is beautiful, simple and ingenious» Zasipkin wrote in the catalogue of 1973.

Zasipkin was the great master of fast drawing. The portraits executed by him, testify that he was also the magnificent psychologist.

Gallery ART SLOVAR represents drawings of Zasypkin, portraits and the landscapes created by him in 1960 – 1980. These works of art are executed on a paper, with application of charcoal and pencil. Each drawing is unique and single.

Thin weaving of openwork graphic lines and gentle blinking of beauty. Rhythms of lines and stains, light and dark, drawing and emptiness - the sheet surface pulses, involving the spectator in its internal Universe.

Roots of classical realism of Zasipkin are in a harmony and humanism of Renaissance, in a great beautiful art of Leonardo.

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